Thoughts on car culture 25MAR13

I won’t sugarcoat this with self-righteousness: my primary reasons for finding myself carless are financial, nothing more.

But at the same time, wheels have NEVER been a priority for me. If they were, I’d likely live in a smaller apartment and think nothing of driving an hour each way to

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rip burning dan 06OCT10

I’m often terrible at connecting names and faces; I tend to think of it more as trouble connecting the noumenon with the phenomenon of people. Sometimes I say ‘I know your shape, but not your name.’

For several weeks, I’ve been noticing Burning Dan in my stream, and apprecia

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Really Easy 'Facebook Like' for Rails 18JUL10

I don’t think anyone noticed, but I’ve had Facebook Like done wrong on my site for a few weeks. I had pasted in their boilerplate code, not noticing that the URL was encoded in there already as Duh.

I made myself a little helper that should work well for everyone. It autom

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corporations should be treated as species, not as persons 20SEP09

The thought came about because I ate at McDonald’s today. I eat a lot of fast food, but I usually don’t eat at McD’s very often, unless I need to eat while I’m driving. I avoid it partly because of a perception that it’s ‘less healthy’ (and rather more bor

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native americans, ecology and burning man 05APR09

There’s a thread on LiveJournal regarding a recent Burner party that was shut down by Native American groups who were offended by a “go native” party theme. The thread can be found here:

Part of the discussion includes der

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Facebook's redesign, my 2002 predictions, and global aging - OneBigTree 24MAR09

In 2002, when I was getting laid off from Nokia, I proposed an idea for a service that, in some ways, resembles what Facebook is today, especially after the latest redesign.

I’m not pretending I invented Facebook… My plan was quite different in many ways, in particular I planned it to b

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e pluribus printum 18MAR09

Tears are being shed for the death of the printed newspaper.

The words of patriots are bent to serve pure nostalgia.

Dead? Rubbish! The fourth estate is healthier than ever, at last in the hands of the rabble instead of landowners and scandalmongers.

I see that many jobs will be lost, but how ludic

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Air Bag Odyssey: or, how I spent my afternoon 17MAR09

So, I got my car fixed – heater core, some sort of hose, the radiator too I think, plus a serpentine belt and one or two minor other issues. I picked it up, and it was purring like a kitten, except for one thing: “SERVICE AIR BAG”. I couldn’t see any of the other sensor readi

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Rails custom FormBuilder made way, way easy 21NOV08

I wanted to give my Ruby on Rails app a simple jQuery driven custom boolean field, styled as a lock for security purposes. You know, click on the lock and it opens, click on it again and it closes.

I especially wanted to use it like the other Form Builder tags within a form_for block, just the sam

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Why Proposition 8 is actually sort of OK with me 19NOV08

I need to start this off by saying that I did, in fact, vote against Proposition 8. A great many of my friends are gay, I support them with all of my heart, and fully understand why this means so much to them. But I feel like I didn’t really stick to my moral compass by voting against it.


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