I'm an artist an inventor a dancer a hacker an actor a consultant an innovator a burner a dreamer a student an executive a philosopher a programmer a designer an engineer an optimist a blogger living in Los Angeles.

I write Rails and iPhone apps for fun and profit. Hire me to solve your problems.

You can download my resume in doc or pdf or see it on

I skipped two years of primary school, graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts as a theater major in 1984, and have three degrees

Atomicpinkburnball I live in SoCal, but home is Black Rock City.

I have a conventional last name; I don't often use it.

Here is a list of my patents and publications

I was a kid actor, member of SAG/AFTRA since 1972. Here's a not-very-up-to-date acting resume and my profile on the imdb

I made art with a group called (art)n Laboratory for over 10 years, and have a permanent installation in the Smithsonian.