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Many of Odd Nature at Key Club 2012

My friend’s awesome band!


The One About the Pope Fucking

Wow, the latest iMovie is really nice – I thought the old one was just an annoying toy, but the new one is a well-organized, clear, quick way to process and share personal video.


Willow Don't Cry

With Leslie Hall, we celebrate the journey of Willow, a small farmer/apprentice magician and together they journey through a war-torn land of magic and monsters, to save a baby princess from death at the hands of an evil queen. Directed by Filmed entirely on location at of Telefantasy Studios.

Official Site


crossing home

A brief film put together by my friend Jay Martin; screen test for a longer idea we were discussing. Shot on the streets of LA.


Media Frenzy

Brief performance solo exploring our relationship with the media.

Seen live, the video plays on a monitor in the space while the dancer moves in a pas de deux with the display

music from American Beauty


Tie The Knot

A ‘visual poem’ I made in 1991.

Created on an AT&T Pixel Machine

Music by the Cocteau Twins


The Politics of Pleasure - Papilloma Virus

A visualization of the HPV virus with music by the Art of Noise.

Here’s the official description:

This is a video that showcases early computer animation and is a precursor to the later medical scientific uses of visualization technology. This visualization was created by Stephan Meyers, Donna Cox, and Ellen Sandor.

This video demonstrates the application that utilizes the ray tracer to visualize higher dimensional Julia Sets, a technology that was developed at EVL. The voice over in the video explains the Ray Tracer technology and the mathematical complexities involved in the creation of the related visualization technology.

Artists, scientists and mathematicians have been collaborating on a variety of projects at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory for over thirty years. In 1989, a ray tracer was created to visualize higher dimensional Julia Sets, involving and contributing to advances in all three previously mentioned fields.


Take This Job and Shove It

Here’s a short clip of me playing Harry Meade, Jr. in the 1981 film Take This Job and Shove It. This was shot in 1980 in Dubuque, Iowa, so I’d be 12 years old.

My father is played by David Keith, who later went on to hang himself in An Officer and a Gentleman, and my mom was Penelope Milford, who got hit by a car in Endless Love. My sister is credited as Mary Pat Hennager, who I remember was a local Dubuque resident.