iphone, objective-c, cocoa


Terpster has everything dancers need to manage music in the classroom or rehearsal space.

Create playlists from music in your iTunes library, with the features dancers need:

  • Name each exercise whatever you want – ‘pliĆ©,’ ‘leg swings’ – no more ‘Track 5’
  • Set start and end points for each track – skip over that annoying intro.
  • Delay before starting – up to 10 seconds to get back to center, or to give corrections
  • Repeat an exercise once, twice (for left and right sides), or forever
  • ‘Continue’ setting moves from one exercise to the next automatically for a fluid warmup
  • “From the Top” button puts it all together to make your class run smoother than ever.

All combined with a clear, simple UI that lets you focus on movement!

Lots more features are planned for Terpster, so try it today!!

Published in May, 2010.

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