rails, web

Client: Dekasu, Ltd.


Built entire site from scratch for client in London. Three months to beta launch; 12,000+ lines of Ruby on Rails code within 1 year.

Dekasu is a free-to-use career management toolkit designed to give you the advantage you need in today’s competitive job market. We provide a secure record of your career history, tools to easily generate tailored CVs and other career development resources.

Part of Dekasu’s appeal is our proprietary matching technology. It is a totally new way to find your next position. You specify the profile of your ideal next role (function, sector, location, package etc). We identify the employers who will contact you directly.

The name Dekasu is a Japanese word meaning ‘to accomplish’ or ‘to achieve’. We feel it neatly captures what our members are all about — hard work, intelligence & focus on reaching their career goals.

Published in August, 2009.

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