rip burning dan


I’m often terrible at connecting names and faces; I tend to think of it more as trouble connecting the noumenon with the phenomenon of people. Sometimes I say ‘I know your shape, but not your name.’

For several weeks, I’ve been noticing Burning Dan in my stream, and appreciating him there, and trying to figure out if I had actually met him or not. I assumed I had, I’m semi-strict about that on Facebook. But I hadn’t actually figured out who he was specifically.

I know I’ve looked at his web site recently. Ha, wow, Chrome browser history… September 12, I looked at this. Gmail tells me he sent me a FB friend request on June 28.

I just saw a tweet from Burncast that he died, I think yesterday. I don’t know how yet. After looking over the pictures, I think I’ve figured out which human they describe.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and I’ll run into the person I’m thinking of in a few months and say “Oh, you’re not Burning Dan! I’m glad you’re alive! Who are you?” But, sadly, I don’t think so, I think I am remembering the right person, a gentle, fun soul that I’ve spoken to many times, with an animated expression and awareness that doesn’t translate well to the pictures.

Dan, I am very sorry I didn’t get to know you better; blessings and peace and love to you and those who were fortunate enough to know you well.

:( <3

(and, the rest of you, please be gentle when I don’t remember your name. I still love you.)

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